About Us

Our Farm
In April, 2010, we became a centennial farm and celebrated 100 years that this land has been in the Esbenshade family. Over the years some things have changed, like becoming certified organic in 2006, but our commitment to caring for the land and providing the best crops possible have not. The farm is 57 acres of fields and some pastures. Our land is part of the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program and in 2008, the farm was preserved to ensure against future development.
Our Family
Summit Valley Farm is really two operations. Wade and his father Wil Esbenshade share in the crop farming, producing corn, soybeans, hay, and small grains that are directly sold to small organic dairies. Wade and Jenn Esbenshade share in the vegetable production that is sold directly to you, our loyal customers. Our farm stand always has a variety of seasonal produce that Wade and Jenn grew from seed. You may also see some small helpers out in the field! Davin, 7, and Myla, 5, are our future farmers.

Our Mission

At Summit Valley Farm our mission is to be good stewards. First, we are called to be good stewards of our HEALTH. We believe in the benefits of eating a healthy diet. Fresh, organic vegetables should be included on everyone’s plate. Second, we are called to be good stewards of our LAND. Organic practices allow us to treat the land and all of creation with respect and reverence. Lastly, we are called to be good stewards of our COMMUNITY. We recognize that fresh produce is not available to everyone and we are committed to getting produce to those less fortunate. We are partnering with different organizations to make this happen and would welcome any other suggestions to further our impact.

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